Dec.5-2017: Intimkonsert: Tim Holehouse & Slack Bird

Nytt storfint besøk på bokkafeen, og en av årets store konsertbegivenheter i Østbyen. Tim Holehouse og Slack Bird er ute på en episk turne i norden, og kommer derfor til Svartlamon. Dette er du faktisk nødt til å få med deg. Vi kjører en donasjons-gig, så gratis inngang, men ta med cash og gi så det svir direkte til musikerne.

Tim Holehouse (Nomadic)
I have been on the road pretty much full time touring my music for over 10 years now. I still continue to seek new adventure and build upon the hard work I’ve already put in (I’m not one to take the easy way round). Having toured almost every country in Europe, Iceland, Japan, Australia, USA and Canada (to name a few)
I mainly play my own material, which comes from a variety of sources and inspirations from Punk, Hardcore, Blues, Jazz, Country blues, Experimental music, Heavy Metal and even Electronic music (good music is good music right?). I’m just a massive music fan of all sorts and want to reflect that in my own out put. I’m not very keen to be boxed in as a song writer or certain style. Each album has a different take on myself and the music is very much written from the heart about subjects I either am interested in or personal experiences.



· Broken Bones (Official Video)
• Frank
• La Rambler (live)

• Intervjuer

Slack Bird (Finland)
Slack Bird is a folk music act from Jyväskylä, Central Finland containing one man with a banjo or more people with other noisy instruments, depending on the occasion. Started in 2010 as a side project but properly activated in late 2012 Slack Bird has since released one tape EP (2012), a split 7″ with The Escapist (2013) and the newest Turvallisuuden Onnettomuus 7″ and toured Europe and the US. Slack Bird’s music is a mix of old American folk music, punk rock and melancholic melodies and stories of present day Finland sung in both Finnish and English.

“Slack Bird is a great mixture of emotive power and musical talent, two great things which translate into any language.”

“Dave inspired with his great banjo playing and a terrific, somewhat «dirty» sounding voice that embodied a mixture of Joe Cocker, Johnny Cash and Dave Van Ronk and with which he filled the room with ease – a great performance for an unusual artist.”

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